• When the last breath is drawn
    And systems turn off and slow
    Eyes shut and mind still
    I seek my escape
    Checking through the available exits
    I notice no lights
    No long tunnel
    Or infinitely long stairs
    The lack of divine chariots
    Holds no fear for me
    As I feel drawn
    ..........By my own will
    Through my eyes
    Into a conflagration of familiar scenes
    My essence imbibed by time
    Heaven is no cloud city
    And Hell no inferno of torture
    My mind is free from my body
    And my soul shapes my dreams
    there was no migration
    I've moved into no special plane
    Death isn't a release
    But an anchor
    Where life was my role in the world
    This is my role in myself
    I'm my own God here
    Creating for myself and pruning
    Nothing is of consequence
    All is fancy and flight
    Weightlessness is the basic unit of measure
    Deja Vu the norm
    And from here
    I know what is right