• All around me
    The cold air rushes
    Not a word to be spoken
    For silence is needed
    To hear the wind's most wisest words
    Run Away
    It told me
    To go somewhere safe
    Away from reality
    To some other place

    I close my eyes
    And let the wind sweep me away
    I let my mind soar
    To that some other place
    As I awake
    With my eyes opened wide
    I see the golden gates of that place
    The gates open wide
    As I take a single step
    I wonder where I am
    The wind tells me to continue
    For my journey has started.

    Many steps I take
    Beyond The Golden Gate
    Is a paradise, a wondrous place
    Though all seems right
    All is not
    For monsters lurking about
    Ready to attack
    A horrible place
    Is in the back of my mind
    So whatever happened
    To that paradise of mine?

    It disappeared before my eyes
    The heaven I saw
    Ceased before me
    A nightmare dream
    Is what I saw
    Or was it reality
    In which I parted from?
    What I saw was a gate from hell
    A gate no one should encounter.