• The rain seeps through the sky,
    And the clouds try to hide my pain,
    I’m searching for my sun,
    Waiting to brighten my day,
    But all I can see is the rain …

    With the rain rushing down my face,
    I carried on searching…
    With mascara dripping from my eyes,
    I carried on searching …
    My clothes are soaking through,
    Clinging to my skin,
    But I still carried on searching …

    In the distance I see your glow,
    Your smile enticing me,
    Your eyes encouraging me,
    To come closer,
    Your luscious lips,
    Tempting me,
    Your warmth,
    Warming my heart,
    Your strength,
    Giving me strength,
    Your happiness,
    Turning into my happiness,

    The rain is gone,
    I found my sun
    That brightens my day,
    The rain won’t bother me anymore