• Im a Trekkie im a straight up T
    The Trekkie life is the life for me
    Going to conventions by day,watching Captain Kirk at night
    Bein' a Trekkie is hella tight.
    I can sit here all day showing my affection as doctor McCoy fixes a bad infection
    I never know, what will become of me,but OMG im a Trekkie
    (Some random DJ crap that is too difficult to put on the internet)
    So come with me on adventures with Kirk,Even though people say hes a straight up jerk
    Hes trippin' with Uhura and Mister Spock,As you sittin at home saying 'This show Rocks!'
    (Tons of cus words that not even gaia would allow)
    Im a Trekkie' so dont mess with me,I dont even care, if your mothers names Maggee
    Ill kill you , with my trippin' lasers,dont even think , about changing that show to Frasier
    Live long and prosper is what my homies say,and sometimes, they even save the day
    With a Scottish dude and a Russian man,the Klingon's say"I really dig the tan"
    Im a Trekkie, dont you forget,if you piss me off, ill hit you with a comet!
    Im a Trekkie'(Spock hand signal)