• how does he feel about you?
    i may never know
    does he look at you and want more than a friendship?
    i hope so but it's not likely
    why don't u tell him how u feel?
    because i'm afraid
    will he ever hurt u?
    not in a million years
    then y r u afriad?
    i'm afraid that he won't feel the same about me and the rejection
    has this ever stopped u before?
    no but he's different than the others
    what's he like in ur eyes?
    he's sweet, wonderful, one of the best things in my day, and can make me laugh when i want to break down and cry
    can u conqure ur fears?
    most of them but not this one
    Do u want to cry now?
    yes, so much
    how will crying help the situation?
    it eases some of the heartache
    are u in love w/him?
    love is a strong word but i think i might
    can u let him go?
    i don't want to but it hurts so much talking to him when he always lays down the line
    what is the line?
    that we are just friends
    what will you do?
    keep hoping and praying that he'll catch on and feel the same
    will that be enough?
    for now our friendship is enough and will always be specail