• Who is there to trust?
    Hurt me, they must?
    Why does life have to be this way?
    Torture you night and day?

    When did I become so fragile?
    I look back at my life,
    and wonder was that ago while?

    Where did my heart go,
    over all these years?
    I've seen people die,
    and I haven't shed a tear.

    Why should I get up in the morning?
    There is no reason I should waste my life!
    I'd rather die a million times
    I'll kill myself now, with a knife

    How did I become so cruel?
    And forgot I the rules?
    Of being human and kind
    Instead I speak my mind?

    What have I become?
    I use to have a family,
    now I am one!

    I am a monster!
    Who did this to me?
    What can I be?
    When can I start?
    Where went my heart?

    I am Lost