• what is the meaning,
    the meaning of life,
    day and day people die.

    why do we live,
    just to die,
    all we've done,
    it's nothing but a lie?

    what must we do,
    to make up for the past,
    there' nothing we can do,
    to change the past.

    Now I think differently,
    because of my friends,
    who helped me out of the darkness,
    and into the light.

    be grateful that you survive,
    that's what they all say,
    because of them,
    i found the meaning of life.....

    some of us,
    who throws away anything for love,
    and some of us,
    give up everythng for dreams.

    dream is what we all search for,
    the purpose of life,
    i too,
    shall make my dreams come true.

    even though it's impossible,
    but we still try,
    to make the impossible,
    and reach the skys.

    believe in yourself,
    and believe in your friends,
    they shall help you,
    to realize your dreams.