• Every day when I see your face,
    Nothing feels out of place.
    I tell you all about myself
    And thought how wonderful you are.

    I never thought it would be so easy
    For us to separate apart.
    I cry and cry every day and night
    And wonder if I'll ever forgive you.

    'Cause time goes by, and things change
    We're not gonna stay together forever.
    We will get married, we will pick fights
    But we still can feel sad.

    Whenever I remember the day you came
    And what you said to me.
    Tears fill my eyes, my heart is in pain
    I can't remember a single thing.

    I spilled all my secrets to you
    When I cannot resist.
    I tell you what I bottle up inside
    And now your heart is part of mine.

    Now I wonder if we'll ever be together again
    As I pace back and forth across my room.
    Thinking of the wonders you brought
    And the ones you took along with you.