• We all have lessons to learn,
    And we’ve all got things to achive.
    Everyone has a title to earn,
    And we’ve all got reasons to grieve.
    Everyone has something,
    They would change if they could.
    Everyone has reasons to feel,
    Like they’ve been misunderstood.

    There are different ways to survive.
    Most prefer to stick to,
    Whatever keeps them alive.
    People have quite different views,
    On how we should live.
    Some say forget,
    And others say forgive.

    Things aren’t like they used to be.
    People used to care.
    Maybe there was no T.V,
    But there was always someone there.
    If things could be like that today,
    Maybe once in awhile,
    Things could go our way.

    People need advice,
    In this place where we live.
    Wouldn’t it be nice,
    If it were easy to forgive?
    Everyone needs someone,
    Who they can trust,
    For when all else is gone,
    And patience has turned to rust.

    Everyone needs someone,
    They can love with all their heart.
    A relationship where both have won,
    And both their lives can start.
    To just have someone by your side,
    Will always remind you,
    How it paid off when you tried.
    They give you a reason to make it through,
    As both of you collide.