• Self-Destruction

    Verse 1
    I take my faithful knife
    Draw it swift across my veins
    Strip away my skin right to the bone
    Cut away the pain ive never shown

    See the blood flow (from wounds that will never heal)
    how could you know (what i feel and why i do)
    Now ive got to go
    ((this blade cant get any deeper))

    Verse 2
    Drops falling from my finger tips
    Taste so sweet upon my lips
    So much darkness in my life
    Surely these scars cant be the light


    On the path to Redemption
    My mind a useless function
    My life has reached its final junction
    Is this my time My Self-Destruction

    Verse 3
    Now i was torn apart that day
    When you said with him you felt that way
    Sent me in to a spin out of control
    How could you just stand and watch me fall

    Chorus x2

    Will It Ever End
    Won't You Just Let Me Die
    Free Wheeling
    Down Down Down
    I'm Gone In A Blaze Without The Glory


    () = Second Singer/Backing Vocals
    (()) = Both Singing