• When the night falls and life goes to sleep
    It's then i hear my heart beat,
    That's when i'm with me.
    Have you ever stood in front of the mirror,
    And looked into your eyes?
    Have you ever tried to answer those questions,
    The answers you are searching outside?
    Have you ever felt like crying,
    But no tears came down?
    Have you ever felt the smoke,
    Choking you from inside?
    Have you ever had the strange feeling that words can't explain,
    You can feel them, but didn't know what to say?
    Have you ever felt alone even in a crowd,
    Felt a shadow moving by your side, even when no one is around?
    Have you ever waited for someone,
    Someone who has gone....
    Though deep inside you've always known they'll never come back???
    heart heart