• you say you love me
    but is it true
    is that exactly what you feel
    do you mean it

    or is it just another lie
    like all the other lies
    from all the other people
    do you really love me

    are you going to
    break my heart
    just like the others
    or leave me when
    you see some one better

    or will you be like my family
    will you tell me that you
    hate me
    tell me to burn in hell
    will you

    can you be better
    will you be better
    or will you
    be the one
    the one to rip my heart in two

    the one
    to stretch my heart
    as far as you can
    before it snaps

    will you toss it away
    when it no longer means much
    when you feel its nothing
    will you do that