• Lyric#1:Flowing blood rises between my lips.
    I look at the blood thats immensed upon my fingertips.
    It looks and tastes like wine,He falls for my voice as I tell him hes mine.
    Ill never regret what I have done,For then they'll never see what I have become.
    I am a creature of the dark eclipsed night,hold on tight,do you have enough might,for if you don't you'll become a demon of the night.
    Chorus:I have the taste of red velvet on my tounge,I have a secret love for the taste of blood.
    As my teeth seep into her neck of cold,I wonder if my true form will unfold.To cry the
    warm tears of fate.You better run fast now before its too late.
    Lyric#2 I think hes seen enough to understand that life is rough.I told him how I could make it
    all go away,and he didn't believe me until that day.....I tasted his warm fleshy blood
    it went down my thought like a steaming flash flood.Then I saw his life flash before
    my eyes,I tricked him he fell for my disguise,and before I realized she was down on
    the ground,his mouth made no sound.
    Chorus#2:Red velvet,its done it to me again.Theres a feeling inside me that wants to repent.
    But I cant help it I dream and ache for more.There all screaming and laying on the
    cold,dark,floor of my dreams.