• You were the best thing that happened to me
    You gave me the best memories
    You showed me your heart
    And I showed you mine
    So I wonder why,why did you leave me?

    When we were young, you said you'll live forever
    That you'll be with me until the end of time
    I believed you with all my might
    So I wonder why,why did you leave me?

    My heart can't stand it any longer
    It yerns for your return
    My heart ages and it gets weaker
    One day it will stop beating
    But before that happens
    My lips would like to touch
    Your soft, red lips one last time

    The world is not the same without you
    I want to sleep forever and never wake up
    To see this loathesome nightmare
    Only to wake up and see
    See your smooth,innocent, and beautiful face again

    I would be at peace now
    As I am now in Heaven with the Almighty
    My heart still beats to see you
    Reunited with me, here in Heaven