• Standing, waiting on the edge of society.
    Wishing for a life without fear.
    Hoping, praying on a crazy dream.
    Wanting for something to happen,
    to change this world we live in now,
    to get off of our feet,
    to sing to the stars in the sky.

    I want a new life today, if I may.
    I want a new beginning.
    Something to hold on to.
    Love without regret,
    hope of things to forget.
    I want change.

    Kneeling, in a flower patch of daisies.
    Trying to find what I've been missing.
    Giving, all my love to everyone else,
    instead of myself.

    Now here I am, jaded and alone.
    I am broken, nothing more to give.
    Find me, laying on my back,
    looking at the stars for an answer.

    Looking, Never gonna find it.
    Searching, here it is beside me.
    It's holding on tight,
    believing I can make it through,
    these troubled times, cold and alone.
    It's been here all along,
    only now just been found.
    A prayer, a wish,
    something to believe in.