• King of the Thieves

    Whoever said
    Lawbreaking was bad business?
    I'd like to give them
    A piece of my mind.
    Laws were made
    To be broken.
    I know someone
    On the wrong side
    Of the law.
    He's a thief.
    Not just any Rogue.
    The King of the Thieves.
    Right noble, he is.
    More so than
    Those fools
    With their fancy
    Blue bloodlines,
    And sprawling
    Family trees.
    He's a gentleman, too.
    And a foe of
    The lawless.
    The Rogue has
    Its own law.
    They aren't rules.
    They're a way of life.
    For them as that
    Make their living by
    Their wits.
    Only the best survive.
    And he is the best
    Of the best.
    They call him "Majesty,"
    Here in the city.
    Because that is what
    He is.
    He commands
    The respect of all.
    He's fair, but tough.
    He likes things done right.
    There are some as would
    Question the honor
    Of the King of the Thieves,
    But I know better.
    For when we dance
    On a moonlit veranda
    And he kisses me sweet,
    Beneath a pair
    Of doves,
    In a star-filled sky,
    How could he have ever
    Loved any but me?
    Or broken
    The true
    Of the city?
    Or been anything but
    A most honorable King
    Of Thieves?