• You’re my ice, my forever freezing ice,
    your words can be colder then dry ice
    but I’m your fire so it doesn’t matter
    because I will only melt away your anger,
    evaporate your tears,
    and turn everything that is happy known to mankind,
    into a gentle warmth that will warm you for an eternity.
    If it was you that froze me in a tomb of ice
    I would still burn my fire for you
    because I believe that one day
    I could be with you
    and as you extinguish me and as I evaporate you
    we would become the mist and float away
    from all our troubles then together we could fly in the sky.
    But if you leave me in the tomb by myself,
    I will be forever sad and my blaze of fire
    might just diminish away from the pool of water
    that mingled with my flames til they die away
    then you will be left alone once again.