• Wandering Dream

    The lonely sea calls him.
    I should have known he would not stay.
    Who can hold a wanderer back?
    Who can stop a dream fleeing the dawn?

    The sighing winds call him.
    It seems only yesterday he came.
    He filled my heart with leaping joy.
    Now it spills its thousand tears in silence.

    The swaying boat calls him.
    He asks me to come and see the world.
    I wish that I could follow him there,
    But I am bound by the ancient roots of the land.

    The gentle waves call him.
    I know he longs to sail again.
    I know he waits for me to come free.
    I see the pain in his sorrowful gaze.

    A wandering dream calls me.
    Hope gives me strength,
    Love gives me courage,
    And I know I cannot stay.