• I love her.
    Rejected and crushed but hiding my woes,
    Simple words dealing a fatal blow.
    Nature warned and hid the sun,
    Such an ominous bleak sky given in return.
    I should have known then my heart would break
    Should have braced myself for what's at stake.
    I love her.
    I'm fated for friendship despite desire
    Imprisoned in a role. Hopes set afire.
    She is my glass menagerie,
    I will not break her with my own strife
    She is the beauty that saves me
    While drowning in this life.
    I beg of the shadows to not reveal my true face,
    My weakened shell now a broken display case.
    I can neither sleep nor eat,
    World so unsteady, no solid ground for weary feet.
    I love her.
    A silent tear falls slowly unseen,
    May peace shall caress my face whilst I dream.
    I'd bargain with the Devil to make the feelings cease
    For such fantasies are so heavy my heart struggles to beat.
    Please! Please take away the hurt,
    Seize the urge to find solace in unforgiving dirt.
    Anything! To escape the wicked wretch I've become
    A phantom casualty…
    What's unknown can never be undone.