• Sometimes I ask myself,
    Is life all it's aught to be?
    Is it more than dust on a shelf?
    Will there be more for me to see?

    I've never felt that life is easy and free.
    My mind deals with depression and my body aches so sorely.
    Days and days go by
    And there isn't a night that I havn't cried.

    As I gaze into the moonlit sky,
    I wish that I could escape this life.
    No more pain, no more torture.
    No more suffering. Not back, just forward.

    But, alas, this will never come true.
    This will never happen to me or you.
    So again as I sit upon my bed,
    I pull up the sheets and rest my head.

    I dream of one day when all will be well
    And we are all going to heaven instead of to hell.