• ]Waiting for your call
    But it never came
    Waiting for this pain to go away
    But it still hurts
    Waiting for sleep to come
    But the tears still run
    Waiting for a smile to come to my lips
    But I can’t stop crying
    Waiting for the sun to shine
    But the storm keeps blowing constantly
    Waiting for you to tell me everything’s ok
    But you don’t say a word
    Waiting for the apology
    But it’s not coming
    Like your call will never come,
    Like my pain won’t go away,
    Like my tears will never dry,
    Like my smile will never show,
    Like the sun won’t shine,
    Like everything will NOT be ok,
    But I will always be waiting
    Just in case they do come
    Even when there seems to be no hope