• when i look at you my mind and heart set a drift
    i see you being bathed in light
    while i am tied in the dark
    you see and call my name

    i can not hear and call yours
    i try to get up but my chains are to strong
    i look to the light and find strength

    this strength must be my love for you
    only you can give me this strength
    i break my chians but can't move
    you call for me

    this time i hear you
    i call and you hear me
    but you can not leave the light
    i can not leave this darkness

    at that time i know what i need to do
    i pick up a stone and throw it as hard as i can
    not at you but at what seperats us

    i hear i hiss and know i hit the opstical
    then my evil self attaks
    with one punch i vankwish him

    i am able to move
    but when i steep into the light
    you scream at my wound
    not because of how bad it is but how your love healed it
    we embrace and stay together till we die