• I'm lost in my world.
    The very same one I created, and hated.

    That moment,
    A dangerous thought crossed my mind.

    I thought of going back to time,
    To the very beginning,
    When things were just perfect,
    When the water didn't overflow and soak the sponge beside the pail.

    I would swear to you that the thought didn't stay in my head
    For more than a fraction of a second.

    But, the side effects went on long after that.

    Now, every minute my eyes were closed,
    I see nothing but you, and her, and us.

    The damn pail doesn't know what he is doing to the sponge.
    And the sponge was stupid enough to not run.

    I'm useless enough to sit back and watch the pail and the sponge,
    Both being drowned by the water.

    Promises are lies.
    Forevers don't last.