• You'd be with me, thought it's raining hard.
    You'd pick me up, when I"m broken shards.
    You would make we laugh until my stomach hurt,
    if I ever had a crush, you wouldn't flirt.
    In my darkness, you were my light.
    Thoguht it was scary, you made it warm and bright.
    However, you've left this world; you are gone.
    As for the darkness, there is none.
    When you left, empty was I,
    now that you were gone, I didn't even try.
    To live and survive day by day,
    what was the point, now that you were away?
    But oh, I remember you, I still have sweet memories,
    and I will treasure them now and forever.
    I refuse to forget the sweet memories of we.
    For those are most precious to me.