• I scrawl my chants in blood
    and watch your body shrivle.
    You were only a pawn in
    this game of takers keepers.

    your souls the only thing that made you worth something

    You were the one
    that i promised forever to,
    now you just a corpse,
    flesh rotten and your limbs asque

    I cryed about you at night
    My nightmares coming true.
    You were a haunted face
    leaving me to chase after you

    You nolong hold the shame above my head, your hearts flatlined, your dead

    Oh, now you understand
    Why i had to kill you
    Of course it wasnt just to skull ******** you
    or eat your body, although its a plus

    I couldnt take your lingering presence
    I couldnt take the blame
    You were once a nightmare
    But now you are in flames.