• How sad must you be to think to the past

    How desperate must you be to talk to your passed

    How tired must you be of living in the present

    Waiting between the window of life and the door of death

    Take a peek in that crack in the wall between life and death to see what lies ahead

    And what is current

    To get that exclusive view of what was, what is, and what could







    Pieces of our lives present, future and past

    Walking on the not so yellow brick road

    But on the working man's road with holes, cracks and missing bricks

    Living day to day as if it was your last

    Because any day could be different

    Any day could make you grasp for air

    Any day could make you wish you were somebody else

    Any night could be dreadful

    But life is what it is

    Planning plans expecting to continue on planning


    There goes your plans straight out the window

    Not knowing what to do


    There goes your life right before your eyes


    Just like that your opening up the door and you see a what you never expected

    At least you didn't want to expect it


    Just like that there's only the past and the future and no present