• she stands shaking as the rain drums down
    and holds out her hands
    her palms are torn,blood staining them crimson
    her face is pale,like the color's leached out of her skin
    she's squinting,wondering why it's so bright
    she's been prisoner so long,her freedom is incomprehensible
    she turns back......just in time to see the gates close.

    how can she leave without her brother?
    why is she free?
    why does freedom feel so incomplete?

    she remembers him.
    his skin clinging to the bones of his face.
    his eyes wet and faded.
    his screams echo through her mind.
    she remembers him,last holding her hand
    more boy than man
    she was stronger than him.

    so why did he fight?
    why did he die?
    how can they expect such a deep wound to heal?
    how can they expect her to move on?

    somehow she feels like...
    maybe he's the one who escaped.
    maybe he was right to fight.

    how can she leave without her brother?

    her memories consume her
    she doesn't hear the soldier
    she doesn't feel the bullet
    but as the blood drains out her body....
    she feels something
    she will see her brother again.
    she feels hope.