• Sick

    Sitting here sick is a waste of my time.
    My head hurts so mush that i cant rhyme.

    Tempetures of 100 that run in my head.
    That i am so glad im not dead.

    My head beating like a thousand drums.
    But yet i don't want to take those nasty Tums.

    My life at the moment right now is not the best.
    Because being sick is such a pest.

    I'm glad i don't have to go to scool today.
    but my aches and pains have ruined my day.

    redface My head as hot as the sun and my body as
    chilled as ice.
    Everything around me that is wram, is not nice.

    The scratching and the aching have not
    soothen my voice.
    So now it is my choice.

    The doctors, the hospital, the clinicks, or the
    It doesn't matter what one I go to

    As long as it has been paid.