• They look at me like im different
    and they call me weird.
    I look at you and the time slows down.
    Then when you look at me disapointed i get tear eyed
    and my legs shake then i fall to the ground.
    Everyone laughs but you do something worse,
    you shake your head and look the other direction.
    Everyone calls me crazy but the truth is that im in love with you
    and you don't even know i excist.
    Your voice is like the waves pounding on the shore.
    Your eyes are a creemy blue even more beautiful then the sunset.
    And your touch can heal any pain of mine
    When my heart beats too fast, i know im thinking about you.
    When im breathless, i know im looking at you.
    And when i cry, i know im thinking about how you'll never feel the same way that i feel about you.