• Once you die I will cry
    When you’re gone I will be too.
    I ask why?
    And no reply

    When I cry don’t worry the tears are for you.
    When I’m depressed I will think happy
    But now I don know what happy is with out you.

    Can I cut if I get to sad?
    You won’t be there to stop me.
    You won’t be able to hold me.
    I will try though…
    I will try not to be like you.

    Late at night I’ll wait
    Wait for your call.
    I’ll sit by the phone waiting…
    Waiting for it to ring…
    But never does.

    When I listen to our song I will cry.
    I’ll sing along in tears…
    I’m sure you will be also.
    I might choke on them but that’s ok.
    I don’t really care anymore.
    I’m ready to die.