• There used to be a girl,
    That lived in this shell;
    But her dreams fell apart,
    And her life went to Hell.

    She used to read,
    Used to write;
    She used to sing,
    In the morning light.

    Talked all the day,
    Smiled all night;
    Nothing scared her,
    Or gave her a fright.

    She was once strong,
    She was also brave;
    Until her heart,
    Was taken by a knave.

    He held her close,
    Kissed her cheek;
    Warmed her heart,
    Made her weak.

    The time came,
    He left her side;
    Punctured her heart,
    And decided to hide.

    This girl faded,
    Into dust;
    She turned hollow,
    And lost all trust.

    Love was always bad,
    Was the last she spoke;
    Crawled inside herself,
    Trying not to choke.

    Now the people that stare,
    Know there's something wrong;
    Because this girl,
    Had always been so strong.

    People put her down,
    She took it as a joke;
    What had really killed her,
    Was the unkindness of a bloke.