• heart Roses are Red, heart
    Violets are blue.
    The thought of you still spons in my head,
    I was just wondering if you were thinking that too.
    My head is full of doubt and shame.
    But whom is the one to blame?
    Surely not you.
    For my heart can not take putting you in that state.
    That state of hate.
    The state of which nothing is anything.
    Nothing is everything.
    For my head be full of confusion,
    But my heart is full of illusions.
    My heart is what you have to keep.
    Even while I lay asleep.
    You are there with me,
    Forever to be.
    My love,
    My life,
    My everthing.
    I wish you to be with me.
    Yo forever be free.
    The mountains we climb,
    But it was only a matter of time
    Until we reached the top to find
    To bind
    Our love as one.
    Through the badness.
    Through the sadness.
    Through the heartache.
    Through the heartbreak.
    I promise to never leave your side.
    Never to run and hide.
    I promise to be there forever more.
    The day we never looked upon the floor.
    I will never forget you,
    Hopefully you will never forget me too.
    I love you so very much.
    Mabye a little to much.
    My love for you will never fade.
    Enen though it’s in the shade.
    It will always be there.
    Forever to stare.
    Into the black oblivion.
    The best part of it is.
    I’m all his.
    He may not know it.
    I may not show it.
    But it’s true.
    For me and you.
    We belong together.
    Forever and ever.
    The love we share.
    Can not even compare
    To what is still yet to come.
    You are the moon.
    And I am the sun.
    But we will be together soon.
    For not even fate can keep us apart.
    You are the gunshot
    And I am the dart.
    You kill the heart.
    And I’ll get the eye.
    Although I may not feel your hand upon my thy.
    I am still willing to give everything up.
    Just to be with you forever.
    You may be a crazy nut.
    But I will never
    Believe we were never meant to be.
    I will always love you forever and ever
    And ever.
    Fore you are the fluffy hair
    To my wonderful Cuddle Bear.