• I once had an afro it was pretty cool
    But then one day I got made fun of at school
    I tried to ignore it the best that I could
    I thought to myself maby I should..........
    Chorus:I once had an afro I liked it verry much
    now I walk around with my arm in a crutch,
    because I told the guy off who made fun of my hair
    so he kciked me and I feeeeeeeell......on my derrier.
    So now what do you think of me and my escapade
    I sit in the hair salon and I just fade,Away with the comments of how I look dumb, now I feel like sucking my thumb.
    Chorus:I once had an afro I thought it pretty cool
    but now I wonder what the kids will say at school
    Because I shaved it off and now im bald
    and now my friends call me oswald.
    Soooooooo here I am as bald as a cucumber sitting on my bed
    I feel as if I should already be dead, because the afro was my life and looked like a tree,now I must face the fact that im no longer meeeee......and I.......
    Chorus:I once had an afro yes now you really know
    The story of my life oh yes its now as cold as snow Becauseeeee....I.....Once had an afrooooooooo.