• Watch and listen
    Watch a child look at you with hope.
    Watch how much it hurts that child to breath.
    Watch it’s ribs press ageist it’s skin,
    Watch as its face turns into your own child’s.
    Listen to her beg for food,
    And watch her give the crumbs to her friends.
    Listen to his stomach growl.
    Listen to their cries in pain.
    Now watch as he falls to the ground,
    And watch no one care.
    Watch him take his last breath,
    And listen to tears like rain fall from his eyes.
    Watch the few people he knew gather around that small child,
    And watch their tearstained face has they place him in a grave.
    Listen to his sister beg for them to bring him back.
    Listen to his sister scream “he’s scared of the dark”
    Watch her small body as she throws herself into his grave.
    And listen to her cry as they pull her out.
    Watch his small face disappear under the dirt,
    And tell me you won’t or can’t help them.
    Because you can, and should.
    I listen to their pleads and do what I can to help.