• If you can't ever kill me,
    How do you expect to own me in this,
    If you won't make me bleed,
    How can I ever respect you then,

    Become so sadistic,
    Make me hurt, make me die,
    Become this corruption,
    And take control over what I am,

    Because I smile and wave,
    As you beat me to a pulp and grin,
    Hide away from all our friends,
    So we can exist in our own little world,

    Since I like this pain,
    And watching your subtle innocence,
    Crack and shatter into pieces,
    Because I like watching you be defiled,

    Take me to this place,
    Where I can hunt for a new day,
    Smile and awkwardly bow,
    As I search for my new tomorrow,

    Because how can I be glad,
    If I've never felt the pain of sorrow,
    How can I speak in joy,
    If I've never whispered lie through lips,

    So trip and walk off this,
    As I stand to take my place at last,
    This masochistic life is done,
    And I am standing here in the light now,

    Let me take a day off,
    From this abuse and harmony,
    Use synonyms for abuse,
    As I frantically search for a dictionary,

    I feed upon your habits,
    Your narcissm staring in the mirror,
    Cracks and turns to dust,
    As my hands leak with the fragments,

    Your piercing soul,
    It's innocence is blinding so this,
    Is the answer to questions,
    Of why I must destroy you in games,

    I can't stand to look,
    At your pure, inviting demeanor,
    So turn it black and walk,
    Don't run to the other side of hatred,