• As were waiting in the room, mommy cries
    than i do to.

    she says you'll be in a place called heaven
    but Daddy don't go i'm only seven.

    I'll miss you daddy, this just isnt fair.
    Mommy is still crying as she strokes my hair.

    The doctor came, he said room one fourteen.
    mommys tears turn into streams.

    I walk in and see you lying down.
    I don't want you to go daddy, you were the king of the house you wore the crown.

    Who will be their now?
    To tuck me into bed and say goodnight.
    I don't want you to go daddy please put up a fight.

    Stay here with me and Mommy, don't ever loose our sight.

    The toys hooked up too you that just keep beeping, have now stoped.
    Mommy ran out of the room and i just watched the clock.

    A silent tear ran down my cheek,
    I'll miss you daddy, but right now i'm too weak.

    I'll pray to you every night.
    And i know God will you keep you with all his might.

    I love you daddy, i don't want you to go.
    I'll be strong for you and mommy though.

    I'll miss you daddy, a whole lot.
    A day won't go by when you leave my thoughts.