• love is not just a game we play
    we must also no how hard to play it.
    if we play too hard you might get hurt.
    if we play too lightly we may get ran over and trampled on.
    if we take shortcuts in the game then you might miss out on important information to help you in the future.
    if we abuse the game you may never be trusted...
    if we test the game we may learn something in for the long run.
    if we avoid the game you will end up lonely.
    if we cheat at the game you give a disadvantage to another player and they may not ever win.
    if we lose the game there will most likely be a perminant scar.
    if you ever win the extravagant, thrill riding, head pounding, soul bounding, age defying, time consuming, pleasurable, painful, extraordinary, agonizing, joyfull, depressing, and mood lifting game......consider yourseld lucky.
    one out of a small handfull of people that have grown up to love to play the game of love.....those people are a very well acomplished and desired winners of the game.