• you can kick me, punch me,
    leave me to the side.
    hate me, envy me,
    or push me off the slide.

    you can fight me,bite me,
    hit me with a WACK!
    but i wont ever, no...never,
    think to turn my back.

    you can throw me, fling me,
    poke me with a broom.
    you can sweep me off my feet,
    then drop me with a BOOM!

    you can bully me, shake me,
    stab me in the arm.
    lie to me and say,
    "we're going on vacation"
    and then leave me alone on a farm.

    you can shoot me, kill me,
    touch me in a way i shouldnt be touched.
    but i wont ever,no...never return the favor,
    cause i love you too much

    THE END.