• Unseen Fruit

    January 26, 2009

    O’ Beauty
    Deceiver of the heart
    Painted irony
    Admired by those of the like
    Shunned by those not worthy
    Worthy for the riches of the Kings

    A fruitful bounty for eyes to consume
    Until all is gone
    Barren is the field
    Fruitless is the tree

    Seasons pass
    Gone are the destructive shallow beasts that came and left
    Like locusts
    Overlooking the most precious resource that was left behind

    A heart
    A hungry heart that once craved the locusts
    Allowing them to do nothing but take and take until there is nothing more
    Filling the ravenous void with infertile waste
    Nothing in return but the satisfaction of meaningless affection

    But now
    Left with the memories of empty promises
    Broken with age

    Ridden of purpose
    The barren field
    The fruitless tree
    Breaks down
    Decays to ash
    Returning to the earth

    Craving water from the pure hearted
    Begging for a purpose
    To bear the fruit that nature originally entrusted unto it
    The fruit that lasts through the harshest winters
    Standing firm against the river of time
    Untouchable by shallow eyes
    It is the unseen fruit