• Coffee stains
    Imploding brains
    A big circle of trust
    Rainbow monkeys
    Rock Band junkees
    And bags of green saw dust
    Meaningless sorrow
    A beautiful tomorrow
    And a gloomy yesterday
    You've come to the place
    Someone's personal space
    Where rain clouds and song birds can play
    It's half day half night
    Half comfort half fright
    And 1/4 multigrain
    A little bit happy
    A little bit crappy
    Half sunshine and half rain
    Zombies play hopscotch
    Babies drink iced Scotch
    And rabbits are always late
    Drugees are clean
    Cheerleaders are scene
    And raisins are friends with dates
    Mutes always sing
    Butterflies sting
    And sometimes it snows in June
    Cannibals like veggies
    Nerds give bullies wedgies
    And the dish broke up with the spoon
    Pigs can fly
    Shrimp reach the sky
    And murder hasn't been invented
    Big cars are fast
    They don't gobble gas
    And all of the windows are tinted . . .
    . . .
    The gift shop sells pickup lines
    And fantabulous neon signs
    They'll even sell you their wife!
    They sell toy guns
    That shoot hotdug buns
    And they sell losers a life
    You stumble around
    Yet you don't hit the ground
    And there's something that you need to find
    So you sail in your car
    To see where you are
    Just to see you're in a twisted girl's mind