• You see her in the closet
    In the bathroom mirror
    The screams resound from everywhere
    And now its all you hear
    The blood has now surrounded you
    There's nowhere left to run
    Her crimson blade is deadly
    All in its own fun.

    You feel it in your shadow
    As it stalks you every day
    Moving on is impossible
    And now you can't escape
    It started off as one thing
    And now its something worse
    It was once a blessing
    But now it is your curse

    You see him at the window
    Meet him at the door
    Taking you in the dark of night
    Until you can't take it anymore
    But, alas, he never stops
    And bleeds you with a smirk
    You try to take the pain away
    Which of course will never work

    And as you lay in darkness
    In a pain that you have spawned
    The fear steps closer to you
    And drags you in its pond
    The phantom pulls you under
    With destruction in its wake
    You try to detach yourself
    But now its far too late
    The fear has now become you
    And you've become its prey
    Now you have lost it all
    Your mind, your soul, your fate