• I see time moving on without me
    So I decided to let go
    Its Keeping me from moving forward
    and If I'm moving at all my movement is rather slow
    I'm letting go of the tightness thats chained around my heart
    I call this tightness attachment/
    and Its keeping me distant like a trap
    Everything thats been moving on without me is no longer by my side
    If I could go back and erase time
    I wouldn't
    but its the future I need to change
    It isnt a goodbye
    its just something my heart had to clear
    The tightness is getting tighter
    and its to much to embrace
    Its time I brush it off my shoulder
    and give myself some peace
    I knew it wanst going to be easy
    Its now or never that I pull it off
    I'm finally moving on/ because I had enough
    I'm letting go of the tightness that was chained around my heart
    and if it dares to tighten up again
    I wont even let it start.