• Crackling flames draw me nearer to a revelation,
    Deeper and deeper into the warmth it draws me
    Spiraling into the blue,
    I wonder what it would feel like if I could only touch
    The outer edges of this unique fire
    That burns inside me.

    Tears run down my cheeks only to be dried by the heat,
    My flesh darkens and my mouth opens in a silent scream,
    I am trapped in this prison of light that flickers in my eyes,
    I have fallen only to be suspended in the middle of its rushing roar.

    My nails begin to melt and drip down the backs of my hands
    I twist and I turn and clutch myself but the most sensitive areas
    Cannot be protected...

    An ignited candle that draws the insects of the night
    Squirming towards some unknown purpose
    The knowledge floods into my mind.

    This cannot be what I had been searching for,
    Desperate, wandering aimlessly upon one broken path to the next,
    This sensation cannot be what I was after!

    "Hush and be still" says the wind in reference to my pain...

    So I do, and I drift where nothing and no one can alter my course,
    It is utterly without direction or sanity,
    It is where light cannot touch my charred skin,
    It is a place of peace and tranquility
    Achieved only through the greatest pain.