• What is wrong with me?
    I still think about you, talk about you, and sigh when I say your name
    I wanna eat with you, play with you
    Practically any game
    What am I doing?

    I see you walk, I watched you run, and heard you say my name
    I acted tough, but I knew deep down
    you saw through my little play.
    Are you hearing this?

    A year has passed
    and you have changed for better or for worse
    I don't know what to say, it went so fast
    I guess it's all just my curse.
    Am I pathetic?

    So here we are, and now you act like I'm not even there
    not a smile, nor a "Hi", I guess you never cared
    Now I see it all
    you were there to catch me
    but enough to let me fall.