• It's a tuff thing, that love
    it appears when it wants to
    and disappears when it likes to
    when someone you like stands by u
    that love appears out of nowhere
    it grows and grows and takes over your mind!
    it makes u blush, shy, and fills your mind with imagination
    that love has a mind of it's own!
    it could run and hide
    or stand out and be proud
    no one could control that love, no one i know of that is O.o
    love is a mysterious thing
    but after love is active
    your mind, heart,and soul will have so much joy in it
    that it might explode from happiness biggrin
    and that's a really nice thing
    i hope.... sweatdrop
    experiencing love has its funny feeling, but its calming and nice at the same time
    i wanna set the world on fire
    until its burning bright for u
    it's everything without desire