• Where I lie in a pit of despire
    long awaiting my angels voice to save me from this darkness
    that is consume me.
    sending me to a void of nothingness

    I long await her arms to wrap my cold body
    in to a sweet embrace
    let her healing hands sooth the shakeing body
    of the cold lifeless dead. My numb hands shall feel again

    Where are you right now
    are you singing your song to heaven above
    letting the angels clap there hands
    as they cheer and beg for more

    Dont deprive them my love
    continue your song
    melt the hearts of many as you show them your beauty
    but now your love long awaits your return

    Return to me annastasia
    I longingly beg for your lips to be press on mine
    I long await your sweet embrace
    I long await your beautiful voice
    I long await to tell you I love you

    Oh my love you are the salvation I long await
    I wish the stars had there fill of you because
    I want my share of your presance
    I long await
    the day when your all mine and no one elses
    but till then I shall wait

    I love you
    I miss you already