• Listen to my story.
    By: iMistella.

    Attention, attention.
    All ears open wide
    I want to tell you my story.
    About a girl and a boy who were mistaken.

    There he was. There she was.
    They were so happy until it all began to fall
    Nothing else seemed to matter.
    Until little problems caused them to shatter.

    Don't say those words, 'I love you.'
    If you don't mean it, the girl said.
    The boy looked crushed.
    He tried to make her understand.

    The things that matter,is that they have eachother.
    The girl wouldn't listen.
    Those words to her meant nothing.
    To him it was everything.

    She wouldn't listen to those words,she felt so broken.
    Why did he have to go lie? she thought.
    Why would she listen? To some words that meant nothing?
    To her everything came crashing.

    She won't belive those words anymore.
    She won't listen to the boy,she's lost in his lies.
    Why did he have to go and break her heart?
    Now he's paying the price,he's lost her.

    So much for 'I love you.'
    So much for 'Forever.'
    Everything is shatterd in her world.
    She will never ever, listen to those words.