• Look up to the skies
    Try to visualize heaven
    But all that you can see
    Is the rotten sky of this hell we live in

    So close minded and simple
    Listen to my symphony of rising failure
    As it is all thrown away

    Why wont you look at me?
    These are my eyes and yet I cannot see
    Who the hell I am
    Who am I supposed to be?

    Putrid innocence
    Walking on lies
    Corrupt my mind
    I see your smile fade away into the pale of human emotion

    Cut out my eyes
    Let out this last breath
    Show me this sense of life
    Yet I feel so dead
    And destroyed by the miserable past
    But my heart still beats
    Theres still something to live for
    Beneath this sky whose beauty is hidden by ignorance

    And so it smiles down upon us
    Hopelessly keeping us alive
    And yet, No fear in death
    Continue to breathe in this parasite
    I continue to live my life in control of this tainted morality