• I'm tearing my own heart out,
    The day I left my love behind;
    An empty happiness washes over me;
    Knowing, feeling the dead inside;
    The light which was given,
    I didn't deserve.
    This cold life will kill me
    For I left a piece of myself back there.
    Is the rest worth it
    Or should I Just waste away?
    Can't say for certain that I'm breathing
    Because this ache is numbing me down to the core.
    Why did I let this happen?
    Why won't my demon stop laughing?
    I've been running around
    While my tears won't stop crying
    I'm not lying!
    When will I straighten myself out?
    I'm facing away
    All the love that I gave;
    I can never erase this doubt;
    I'm lost in this sea;
    Something's taken a hold of me..