• You came to me cryin,
    Just another stranger,
    Their plane was on time,
    But they didnt come,
    Theyd gone to serve,
    In a diffrent country,
    At last someone came,
    Brave enough to tell us

    He had a good life
    Served a single purpose,
    He left behind a wife,
    But it couldve been worse
    And when i look into the eyes of the picture he sent
    Ill remember all the good times and wish he hadnt went

    We left for my house,
    Us two little figures,
    The kids' hair was mussed,
    How could we tell them,
    Some people were kind,
    Tried to help us
    Many were frightened
    For their husbands

    But I cant change the past
    so listen to me,
    The only little comfort,
    Is that he didnt flee.